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Belinda Carlisle @ Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

So, here it is! A selection of images from Belinda Carlisle’s set at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on Friday night. It was a great night and she still has loads of energy and great stage presence – the crowd were mad for her!

belinda carlisle

belinda carlisle

Belinda Carlisle Nottingham

Belinda Carlisle nottingham

Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle royal concert hall

For those of you who don’t already you can ‘like’ my page on Facebook – Jon Davies Music Photographer where I will be uploading more images over the next few days.



Nina Smith – Nottingham Royal Concert Hall!

A few images from Nina Smith’s set at the Royal Concert Hall last night:

nina smith nottingham concert hall

jon davies photographer

nina smith nottingham concert hall

nina smith nottingham concert hall

nina smith nottingham concert hall

I’ll be uploading some shots from Belinda Carlisle’s set next!

Backstage with Nina Smith @ Nottingham Concert Hall

Last night 80’s Icon – Belinda Carlisle played at The Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham with Nina Smith as her support act. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go backstage and shoot some documentary photography of Nina and her ‘Man Band’ during their soundcheck and before they went on stage as well as photographing their set and then Belindas.

Here are a few images from before they took to the stage:


Nottingham Nina Smith

nottingham royal concert hall nina smith

nina smith supporting belinda carlisle

Nina Smith

Jon Davies music photography nottingham

I’ll have some images uploaded from both Nina and Belinda Carlisle’s set very shortly!

Jon Davies

Evil Scarecrow Promo Photography Part 3!

Here are a few more images from my Evil Scarecrow promo shoot. The band needed some product shots to promote their merchandise and T-shirts on their website. We thought that some cheesy, white background catalogue type shots would work well so here they are!

music photography

music photographer nottingham

ringmaster monty

jon davies portrait photographer

band promo photography

music photographer

If you want to see more images from my shoot with Evil Scarecrow check out my Facebook page at

editorial photographer, commercial studio photographer in nottingham

Evil Scarecrow promo shots part 2!

Ok so below are a few more shots from Sundays shoot with Evil Scarecrow. I took a lot images on the day so I will be adding more as I get through the editing process. Enjoy 🙂

nottingham music photographer

evil scarecrow

evil scarecrow photos

evil scarecrow nottingham band photography

evil scarecrow

nottingham music photographers

Keep an eye out for more posts as I’m on a bit of a blogging mission at the moment 🙂

Until next time!


Nina Smith – Promo shots

Nottingham has one of the best up and coming music scenes in the country today. It’s a fact, and with so much talent bubbling away under the surface it’s just a matter of time before someone breaks out into the mainstream and puts the Nottingham music scene on the map in a big way.

Nina Smith might well be that artist. She was recently voted ‘artist most likely to break through’ by the musicians of Nottingham in a recent poll and after a mad year last year, 2012 looks set to be even bigger.

Last weekend I spent a couple of hours in the studio with Nina to get some promo shots for her new website which is due to be launched in the very near future. I’ve been inspired recently by a British fashion photographer called Rankin so thought I would have a go at creating some really stylish looking ‘high fashion’ images.

Nina was really up for the session and loads of fun to shoot, which I think really shows through in the images. I’d also like to say a big thank you to Lauren Creasey; our amazing make up artist who helped out at the last minute and did a fantastic job! You can check out her work here:

nottingham music photography

nottingham band photography

jon davies photography

nina smith nottingham

Jon davies photographer

studio portrait photography nottingham

ring flash portraiture

nottingham editorial fashion photography

white background photography nottingham

It was nice to have a personal project I could really get my teeth into as it felt although it’d been a while. I’ve got some big news coming up over the next month or so so keep an eye on the blog and my Facebook page which will be being combined with the portrait side of my work soon as I’m trying to consolidate my sites to make it all a bit less complicated for everyone – including myself!

Ciao for now!

Alternative nottingham band promos (and a moroccan man…)

It’s been almost exactly one month since my last blog post which is poor form! Sorry folks…

It’s been a really busy period at the studio so I’ve not had a huge amount of time for my personal work lately which is why I haven’t uploaded any images since my trip out to Morocco.

Now that the excuses are over I’ll get on with the content of my latest post and a little bit of background…

I have recently become a non-smoker!

It has been 9 days 4 hours and 58 minutes since my last cigarette 🙂 (i know this because of my iphone app that tells me how great I am for giving up!) and I’ve found myself feeling a lot more creative since giving up so I’ve been going back over some of my old images and giving them a bit of a spruce up and doing some ‘alternative’ edits on them.

I’ve been playing with textures and experimenting with some dark and moody looks for images; possibly the result of the angst and torment I’ve felt over the last week (poor me!)

Here are a few of the images I’ve been playing around with. If you follow my blog regularly you probably will have seen them before but this is a very different take on the originals:

evil scarecrow

rock city gig photography

hdr portrait photography

models and textures

trouble video

nottingham band promo photography

I’ll make sure my next post features some nice fluffy, lovely images to make up for the dark, brooding feel of these 🙂

Until next time!


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