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So I have finally launched my new website All blog posts will now be uploaded onto the Blog section of the new site.

If you are currently subscribed to this blog and wish to be kept up to date with my new posts, be informed when I post new images, etc you can go to and subscribe to the new site for regular updates. It’s probably worth staying subscribed to this site as well as I may upload the odd post on here if it’s not really suitable or in keeping with the portrait and commercial emphasis of the new site.

I have also just created a brand new Facebook page which is where I will be uploading additional images and running promotions and special offers. Take a look and ‘Like’ the page!

Anyway that’s all for now! Thank you all for following this blog for the last couple of years and for all your comments. I hope you’ll enjoy my work on the new site from this point forward! See you there 🙂



Evil Scarecrow Promo Photography Part 3!

Here are a few more images from my Evil Scarecrow promo shoot. The band needed some product shots to promote their merchandise and T-shirts on their website. We thought that some cheesy, white background catalogue type shots would work well so here they are!

music photography

music photographer nottingham

ringmaster monty

jon davies portrait photographer

band promo photography

music photographer

If you want to see more images from my shoot with Evil Scarecrow check out my Facebook page at

editorial photographer, commercial studio photographer in nottingham

Evil Scarecrow promo shots part 2!

Ok so below are a few more shots from Sundays shoot with Evil Scarecrow. I took a lot images on the day so I will be adding more as I get through the editing process. Enjoy 🙂

nottingham music photographer

evil scarecrow

evil scarecrow photos

evil scarecrow nottingham band photography

evil scarecrow

nottingham music photographers

Keep an eye out for more posts as I’m on a bit of a blogging mission at the moment 🙂

Until next time!


Evil Scarecrow Promo Shots!

Today I have been in the studio photographing metal band Evil Scarecrow. It’s quite late so I’m not going to babble but I’ve just edited a couple of my favourite shots from the day so here they are!

evil scarecrow parody metal band promo shots

evil scarecrow nottingham band, jon davies photography

jon davies band promo photography

The band are a great bunch of people and really good fun to shoot. More images to come over the next few days.

Wollaton Park – Off Camera Flash

Today I decided that my long suffering reluctant model and girlfriend (not reluctantly my girlfriend, just model!) was going to put on a pretty dress and let me take some shots of her using some off camera flash techniques at Wollaton Park in Nottingham.

After arriving at the park and realising that I had left all of my memory cards at home I left her there and went back home to get them. By the time I got back 40 minutes later I found a very cold and not best pleased reluctant model who was even less impressed that I’d left her to freeze for so long in -1 degree temperatures wearing a dress and tights. Still, being the sweetheart that she is she let me take some pictures and I think has just about forgiven me now she’s thawed out and seen the images 🙂

I’ve done a fair bit of processing of these images using textures in Photoshop to give some of them an almost watercolour like appearance. I really like the effect and will probably be using this technique again for another shoot I have coming up this month.

off camera flash

wollaton park

photoshop textures

wollaton park off camera flash black and white portrait

nottingham portrait photographer

portrait photographer nottingham

back lit portrait

jon davies photographer

editorial photography/photographers in nottingham

In other news… I will be transferring my blog over the my new website in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for the new look blog!

Nottingham Portrait Photography: Special Offer!

Special portrait photography offer leading up to the launch of my new website! Get in touch at for further information or to book your shoot!

Portrait photography nottingham

Book Now!

Nina Smith Promo shoot part 2!

This post is a continuation from my last. I got so many images from the shoot with Nina Smith that I’m happy with that it’s made it hard to narrow them down to a short blogs worth. So… here are another millions photos 🙂

Jon davies portrait photography

Nottingham portrait photography

Nina Smith

black and white portrait photography nottingham

nina smith

nottingham model portfolio photography

alternative portrait photography

nottingham band photography - music photography

nottingham model photographers

moody black and white photography

backlit portraiture

Enjoy! 🙂


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