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Nottingham Light Night 2012

Last night was Light Night in Nottingham City Centre. It’s an annual event where the city puts on various light installations and displays. As always there was a great atmosphere with loads of people milling around enjoying the various projections and entertainment. Here’s some images I took whilst walking around the city:

Nottingham Light Night 2012

Nottingham Light Night 2012

Nottingham Light Night 2012

Nottingham Light Night 2012

Nottingham Light Night 2012

Nottingham Light Night 2012

Nottingham Light Night 2012

Nottingham Light Night 2012

I’ve just about thawed out now from the sub-zero conditions 🙂



Moroco part 2!

Here’s a few more images from my recent trip to Morocco!

Hope you like them 🙂

Morocco 2011

Yesterday I got back to the UK after spending the last week in Morocco. It’s the second time I’ve been there and hopefully not the last now I have family out there 🙂 Once again I took hundreds of pictures (there’s always something to photograph every time you walk out onto the streets!)

My last trip was to Marrakesh and the surrounding areas. This time we visited El Jadida, Casablanca, and Fes (and some other nearby towns). Here are a few pictures I’ve had time to pick out from the many I took:

I spent most of this trip focusing on ‘shooting from the hip’ – lots of candid photography, getting in close with a wider lens rather than shooting the action from a distance. The joy of this kind of photography is that it allows you to get closer to the people your shooting and connect in a different way. I’m not sure that one technique is better than the other but hopefully you can see the difference in the images.

I’ll upload more as I go through the images picking out my favourites. If you’re interested in the work you see here you can subscribe to my blog or follow me on twitter @Capperture for regular updates.

Nottingham Caribbean Carnival

This weekend the Caribbean Carnival took place in Nottingham. It’s one of the best cultural events to take place in the city and always has a great procession and atmosphere. Here’s a few shot of this years event:


It was a really great day and loads of fun to photograph!


Royal Wedding Street Party

Despite my best efforts to avoid anything to do with the Royal Wedding (other than enjoying a day off) my girlfriend dragged me out of the house, moaning and groaning to a street part in The Park in Nottingham.

Despite my reluctance to leave the house I ended up having a really good time and getting some great shots of everyone suited and booted enjoying themselves. The atmosphere was really chilled and relaxed and I have to admit that in the end… it was a good day 🙂

I also had the pleasure of meeting one of my favourite wedding photographers Crash Taylor who was a really nice guy so that was an added bonus!

Crash Taylor Nottingham Wedding Photographer

That’s all for now! I’m off to enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts:)

Photos of Prague part 2

Here are a few more street photography images from Prague. I’ve included images from a few of my highlights from the trip which include; the John Lennon wall – It’s covered completely in drawings, stencils and graffiti relating to the Beatles singer/songwriter, the upside down horse statue which is randomly hung in an old shopping arcade, and the hanging man which we must have walked past on at least ten occasions before reading in the guide book that he was there and finally looking up!

The rest were all taken on Charles bridge – one of the main tourist attractions in the city. Lots of interesting characters, my personal favourite is the girl bent backwards over the wall, that really can’t be comfortable!!


Jon Davies – Photographer



It’s been a really long time since I’ve uploaded any travel photography images onto the blog so it was definitely time for a couple of days away to capture some new images!

I genuinely love travel photography for many reasons. It combines some of my favourite things in life; exploring new places, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and last but not least – photography.

These hares were resident on the golf course we stayed next to, along with the old banger car – love the winters morning light on them, which is why this images has made it up here 🙂

You’ll notice throughout the set of images I’ve posted up here and if you’ve followed my blog up until this point through my older images, that I’m not one for taking lots of pictures of the big tourist attractions and the sites from the countries I visit. For me the joy of visiting a new country and experiencing a new culture is all about the people. I love to watch people and to capture images of interactions and amazing expressions.

I’ve thrown in a couple of ‘postcard’ images of Prague to give a feel for the city. It’s a really beautiful city full of incredible gothic architecture, wonderful people and has a real fairy tale feel about it.

I’ll be uploading more images from this trip shortly so stay tuned for part 2!

Jon Davies – Photographer

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